Rejuvi Purifying Mask 2.3 oz/65g

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This deep-cleansing and exfoliating mask contains papain enzyme and sulphur to gently remove skin debris, sebum and grime while brightening and softening the skin. Especially good for oily and blotchy complexions, it leaves the skin looking smoother, clearer and more refined.


Water, bentonite, kalokn, zinc oxide, propylene glycol, witch hazel extract, sulfur, papain, potassium sorbate.

How to use

Apply twice weekly to cleansed skin, avoiding the delicate eye area. Leave on for 3-5 minutes – don’t let it dry on your skin – and rinse well. For sensitive or surface-dry skin, mix with a little Rejuvi H Skin Healing Gel while applying and leave on the skin for just 5 minutes.

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